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by Flynch

I have often wondered what it is about motorcycles that pleases me so much, and I often read business and marketing books about human psychology and purchasing choices. Emotions play a huge role in our emotions...that is a "well-duh" statement, but I always want to know what trips that emotion.

More and more I learn about my passion for motorcycles as I become a become a more radical runner, (I am missing an ultra marathon in my home town this weekend because of my work schedule) I really enjoy the meditation I get from running, getting lost with my ipod and the road ahead. I really enjoy the runners high and endorphin rush. I get similar feeling when I ride. Instead of getting lost while listening to Rush, I focus hard on watching the environment around me, deer, traffic, the surface of the road, the sound of my lifters, the feeling thru my XLS bars and the wind blowing under my HJC. My mood always improves when I ride, no matter if I get cut off by the rudest driver, or get caught in a hail storm. That machine is so valuable to me that I would I am sure I would beat someone within an inch of their life if they messed with my FXRP.

Funny I am offended when people place monetary value on Harley's these days; the value I place on the machine is personal, it is my sanity and as important in my life as my love of music and my quest to stay healthy (and beyond) well into my old age. My FXRP is invaluable, no matter what I see FXR's selling for.

It's not like sex as the common comparison; being married for 16 years now, there are times when sex is not an issue, kids, busy schedule, sickness, tragedies, disagreements, and a jillion other issues that ruin your romance, but maintaining that relationship with the one you love is important. Every time I ride, I am not having an sexual endorphin release, but I am having a relationship with the machine that makes happy. (and then there are those time when you get that time alone and all the stars align and WOW!!!)

I have sat in the garage with a beer and cigar and felt great happiness that I cannot imagine feeling looking at a circular saw or a ping pong table or sex swing for that life, like most peoples is not perfect or always joy filled, but having that machine makes it a lot easier to deal with the other crap that likes to rot your humanity.