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by 47STR8LEG

Photo by Genghis

IN TUNE: The Shovel and the Sporty were like father and son.

I just got back an hour ago from a ride out east from the Maples bar in Manorville, Long Island. I went with a recent friend (about 3 yrs. now) Norberto. We have kids close to the same age and met in front of my house one day when I had my sportster up for sale out front. Now he was getting into choppers (albeit jap junk) and hadn't yet finished anything but is slowly getting the fever. Now he has a 2006 1200 sportster, which is less than inspirational to me, but he's happy with it and that's all that really matters.

But I digress, and now it's time to get to the point. Last night I had a short hop on the pan/shovel and it was inspirational. It was a full moon and the air was crisp, the bike was taking deep breaths and loving that cool air. It was a jackal with it's hair raised. A wild beast. I told Norberto about this and said I found out the bar was having five bands there today. The ride out was decent averaging about 75 mph and smooth as silk.

But it was the ride home that was magical.

After having a couple of 12 oz. oil cans for ourselves, we headed out around twilight. We headed out and the road was wet from scattered showers that happened previously (which made about 30 rubs leave the bar prior to a shower that lasted 10 mins). It was a perfect ride from beginning to end. We were intertwining through traffic when nessacary and a couple of times he had a bike length on me and gunned the throttle to indicate he was up for racing and I'll be damned if the old shovel not only passed him at about 95 but as he was still going full throttle she was still pulling away, with more left in her. she's no hot rod but she is 50 over(friend told me that's about 80") and had some head work with a mild cam.

I think I'll ask him tomorrow if he's gained some respect for a bike whose newest appendage (the 66' heads) were 40 yrs. old when his baby was born. Throughout it all though, I noticed that when we were riding together, my 4 speed to his 5 speed, and were enjoying the night together the two bikes, like father and son, acheived perfect pitch. Perfect rpm at speed together cutting through the wind. A young wild stallion next to it's father learning that it still doesn't hold all the cards with youth, that age and wisdom count for something. But both in perfect harmony none the less.