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by Genghis



"Thats what I'm talkin' about. There is a rag out there which I won't name out of respect to the assistant editor that posts here from time to time, whom I really don't have a problem with.....I mean really, how many hardtailed Sporties and BSA bikes with those gawdawful wrapped pipes must I look at? This mag has begun a trend.....because in their quest to be "different",(Ace plumbing hardware fixtures, site glass tanks, flat black paint,and a general look of sloppy assembly), they are all the same, and they all suck.....Over these past 11 years or so, its been nothing but red rims and whitewalls. Flat black paint with crummy pinstripe on it. Junky fixtures from the hardware store. Automobile taillights, and half-assed workmanship,just look at all the badly-done homemade pipes, not to mention the crappy pipe-wrap. Bike after bike, after bike, after bike, issue after issue, year after year, the same damn thing. Not to mention all the bullshit jap-junk(the less said about those the better).....The kind of bikes I like lookin' at for example are exactly like Shovelin It's 57 pan in that gorgeous Duo-Glide frame (except for the struts, put some good shocks on that badboy please). For me, it has come down to buying old back issues off an auction site for me to get my fill of what I'm looking for in a magazine, because that's how bad it has become. The straight rags, forget it, they are not even worth considering. I know I've said this before Scott, but THANK YOU! for keeping the spirit alive here, its matters to us more than you could know. And hava Merry Christmas!"

Mike Zapp in AZ


Look at the world we live in. The never ending gay special interests' push for a revisionist lexiconic recategorzation of the term "marriage" into something it is not. The extreme, almost effeminate sensibilties of liberals that compulses them to shy away from the word "terrorist." What is natural and self-evident in this politically correct atmosphere, becomes murky with repetitive mantras that if stated often enough, causes a blurring of what used to be clearly demarcated lines of common sense. And so it is also, in the Harley World. Or is it still a Harley World in today's biker subculture? Those who say something over and over again, so that those targeted eventually believe that constant refrain---use a time-honored strategy that works. That's why they do it. They do it because they know that something believed by the general population---95% of whom don't know what's going on in the world around them---becomes with the passage of time, the accepted norm. This is the societal norm by moron. Just think about it: if you've heard non-stop by mainstream media outlets for three decades that a union between two homosexuals is the real world equivalent of a marriage between a man and a woman--then you might just be innured enough to start believing it. A barrage of what appear to be authoratative voices saying the same things day in and day out for years, naurally makes one's mind numb and receptive to the message. It's human nature.

I fully admit to being a Harley elititist. Just as I admit that I still believe---as I've always believed, that homosexuality is a deviation from what is natural. I admit to believing that Harley-Davidsons are still the backbone of the culture, just as I have always believed that a religious fanaticism that drives extremists to want to kill all who don't believe their way---to be terrorists in the strictest sense of the word. There was a time when foreign motorcycles were branded as "jap junks of the month" and when Harleys were called as the real world saw 'em---as the very spine upon which the biker subculture grew the rest of its body since the 1930s. The sinews, the musculature, the very neurological system that consisted of stripped-down Harleys that carried clubhouse brothers through the annals of biker history---were supported by this backbone of the Harley-Davidson motorcycle. The Harley-Davidson is iconic, and it deserves the recognition as such.

I don't believe that Mike Zapp was dissing Limeys in his comments, but I have to tell you that British bikes were seen when I came up forty years ago, as mere stepping stones to Harleys. A typical comment by a Limey rider used to be....."I just have this BSA until I can afford a Harley...." The accompanying demeanor was always apologetic and deferential. I hate to tell you this self-evident truth but I'l state the obvious. Just as heterosexuality is the norm in today's real world, Harleys still rule in today's biker world, even if revisionist history is typefaced into black and white pages of a magazine. No offense to anyone who rides a Limey, but my honest thought about British bikes when I see 'em is...."Second rate, man." Those vertical cylinders don't inspire. The slight dimensions of the bike lends no real presence. Let me put it this way to you. Put the most radically chopped Limey next to even a stock '60s Electra Glide with all of the FL's garbage wagon paraphernalia on it---and to my eyes the Harley wins hands-down in the presence and charisma department.

The trouble these politicaly correct days is, if you call marriage what it is---you're lableled as "homophobic" just as you're categorized a reactionary if you call Limeys what they are: second class citizens in the biker sublcuture. Just as calling Adam Lambert's pulling a male dancer's face into his crotch on a nationally televised prime time show on network TV gets you pigeonholed as neanderthalish, the special interests of Britbike riders calls your belief system in Harley's undeniable prevalent role in the subculture as outmoded. Thr P.C. Police are on patrol, man. This is ostracization by scarlet letter---a scarlet latter that's placed on the forehead of anyone bold and honest enough to call a spade a spade, and willing to say that a club is not a spade. Never mind that if Lambert had done the same thing with a female dancer on network TV, it would've been equally inappropriate---the special interests have a knack of turning what is natural into a slight on human rights. It's the same thing with telling it as it is with Limeys. Man, they're just not as good as Harleys. Just tell it like it is, baby. Later.