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by Genghis


Whether you're a Christian or not, the Christmas holiday holds significance as a joyous time of the year. This is especially true for us bikers. It's a time of the year when we reflect on this past year of riding our motorcycles. It's a time of year when we look ahead at the inevitability---hopefully---of the coming motorcycling season of 2010. For an older biker like me, it's a time for me to ponder the wonder that has been the seemingly unending quest that began over forty years ago. Forty years! It hardly seems possible, but there it is. For younger bikers, it's a time to ponder the upcoming long lifetime of your participation in the biker subculture. What does this mean, participation in the culture? At its simplest level, it means loving beyond all reasonable expectation, your bike. Love and cherish your bike, man. Make her an integral component of your existence, forever. Go the distance with her.

Yet, for older bikers like me and many of you, the outlook remains the same as for the twenty-somthing biker. It's always to look ahead at that road less traveled---less traveled by citizens, but heavily trafficked by us bikers. It is a magic highway that we've been chosen for. So magical and heavenly, that it seems at times that a Higher Being has tapped us each on the shoulder with an ethereal hand and said.....

"Hey. Yeah, you down there. The one with the greasy hair and greaser attitude. Whaddya gonna do with yer life? Play golf? Hey man, only two-timing phonies who cheat on their 'ole ladies play golf, ya know what I mean? Dudes named after jungle animals. That's not for you. I have a higher calling in mind fer ya. What's that you ask? I'll tell ya what, if ya just pipe down and lissen up. Now, sit on this here Harley 74....."

So ya see, it's all a matter of destiny. We are the Chosen Ones. Destined to straddle that Harley 74 and blast down the highways and byways of life, forevermore. Nothing derails that dream, from the time it begins young in life, and as it unfolds throughout this long and profound journey. That is, nothing should derail that dream. Unfortunately for whatever reason, many bikers do let that dream become derailed. There are many distractions and disappointments in life, and if you let any of those interrupt what has been a preordained higher calling to the seat of your Harley, then you have failed your destiny. Your destiny called to you with the voice of Harley Thunder straining through straight pipes, and ya punked out. What's up with that? Your destiny has been to getcher motor running, get out on that highway, looking for adventure, whatever comes your get the idea. You know what the deal is---I'm just here to remind you. Don't let that Mister Grinch take your destiny away.

On this Christmas of the Lord's Year of 2009, let me give you the greatest gift of all. To all of you dedicated bikers who cherish your Harleys---okay, and also you Limey Lovers in the culture---I applaud you all for keeping the faith and standing by your motorcycles, and I thank you for hangin' in there with me as fellow members of the biker subculture. To those who've given up their Harleys, there's a huge lump of coal in your Chtistmas stocking. However, it's never too late to come back into the fold. Save, scrape and do whatever you have to do to get another Harley. If you're disillusioned, get over it man. Remember what it was like when ya loved the life, and loved yer bike. Remember when your dedication was two miles deep and five miles wide. Remember the feel of your Harley as you skimmed the surface of the road in fourth gear, with the sound of the bike filling your universe and the joy of it all spilling from your heart. Remember getting off your Harley after a ride, with the motor gently cooling and ticking, and thinking...."It doesn't get any better than this..." as you run your appreciative eyes over your bike's lines and curves. Remember. Become once again, what you've been destined to be. Man up and and do it. Later, and Merry Christmas!